TRICK OR TREAT - Seed of Chucky doll life size 76cm.

Una delle versioni piu verosimili fino ad oggi realizzate per Chucky Doll. Una replica lifesize fedele in tutti i dettagli e realizzata con un particolare materiale, POM, che rende la bambola Chucky estremamente flessibile. 


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549,00 €

This is not just another Chucky Doll! The production molds for the Doll where made from the actual screen used Seed of Chucky Doll Master Molds and the Paint Master was made directly from the insane hands of Tony Gardner, making this the most screen accurate Scarred Chucky Doll ever produced and made available to the public.

The body frame of the doll is made from POM (Polyoxymethylene) Thermoplastic Connectors surrounded by a soft flexible foam to pose the Doll anyway you want.

It comes with the actual Box made from the screen used box art.

Chucky stands approx. 76 cm tall.