MEZCO - Child's Play: Mega Scale Good Guys Chucky 15 inch Talking Doll

Prima di diventare il tremendo Chucky che tutti amiamo, c'era solo un paffuto bambolotto, che ancora non era stato posseduto dal killer Charles Lee Ray. Questa figura parlante (con frasi in inglese) di grande formato riprende quell'innocente bambola, con una fedeltà e precisione di dettagli davvero unica...


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139,00 €

He wants you for a best friend!

Mezco continues their popular line of Chucky dolls with the one that started it all: the Good Guys Doll.

Before he became possessed by the Spirit of Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer better known as 'The Lakeshore Strangler', Chucky was just a harmless Good Guys figure. His face not yet scarred, his clothes not yet bloodied, Chucky appears cheerful and ready for fun.

Mezco’s designers have created an all new head sculpt that perfectly captures his look in the popular film series: his bright red hair, his wide-eyed innocence, and his cheerful smile.

Every detail of his iconic outfit has been replicated: from his classic coveralls and shirt, to the unique imprint of the soles on his sneakers.

Just as he did in the films, Chucky speaks 4 movie accurate phrases when a discreetly placed button on his back is activated.

Packaged in a sturdy, collector friendly die-cut window box inspired by the packaging seen in the films, the Good Guys 15 inch Chucky doll is sure to become a focal point of any Chucky collection.