KOTOBUKIYA - Marvel Fine Art Statue 1/6 Thanos on Space Throne 45 cm

Thanos sul Trono con Infinity Gauntlet è la nuova proposta di Kotobukiya per la serie Fine Art Statue.
Si tratta di una statua imponente, di ben 45 cm di altezza (scala 1/6), in resina. I dettagli di colorazione e scultura sono superbi, davvero degni del personaggio. Grazie ad alcuni led, gli occhi e le gemme dell'infinito si illuminano. Da avere!

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THANOS' cold and eerie personality can be seen in his facial expression and the six Infinity Gems that shine brightly with an LED light inside of the Infinity Gauntlet. To top everything off, the "eyes" are what bring this statue to life.

The microfiber LEDs illuminate each of THANOS' eyes to give the impression that he is glaring at you from any angle you look at him.

The realism that can be seen in the sculpt of THANOS, from the way he looks down at inferior beings from atop his throne, to the the optical illusion of his eyes always keeping watch, this statue gives off an evil and almost frightening vibe.

The button to turn LED lights inside of THANOS' eyes and Infinity Gems are inside of the statue and can be accessed by removing the INFINITY GAUNTLET and head.

Also, don't miss out on the newly revamped FINE ART package design.

Enjoy this all new FINE ART STATUE that can be appreciated only by those who get their hands on this product.