PRIME 1 - Berserk Statue 1/4 Guts Gatsu Berserker Bloody Nightmare Version 95 cm

Solo 750 pezzi disponibile nel mondo per questa chicca!!
Ecco la versione variant, con extra colorazione "bloody", della vendutissma statua uscita nel 2020 dedicata a Gatsu con armatura!
La statua è davvero imponente, è alta oltre 90 cm, e raffigura Gatsu accovacciato con la sua imponente spada, su una base diorama davvero intricata, ricca di incredibili dettagli. La statua inlcude due diverse teste e due diverse paia di mani (per altrettate diverse pose)

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Prime 1 Studio updates the highly popular Guts Berserker Armor statue with a glorious version! Having dispatched demon after demon, monster after monster, Guts surveys the results of his efforts bathed in the blood of his enemies. With his Dragonslayer sword over his shoulder, this Guts statue comes in at an eye-opening 37 inches tall! Already a fan-favorite piece, this statue has been imbued with even more storytelling by showering Guts' Berserker Armor with a torrent of blood. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense with Guts' no-holds-barred fighting style. The application of blood effects on any statue is a tricky venture, with a piece often ringing untrue and cartoony when done with substandard artistry and effort. But such is not the case with the Bloody Nightmare Version...Prime 1 Studio's team of expert painters studied the behavior of blood to be able to render it in perfect realism. The near-perfect application of blood effects accentuates the intricate detailing of the Berserker Armor: pooling in some areas and spattering realistically in others.

The Bloody Nightmare Version statue comes with two (2) swappable heads and two (2) pairs of swappable arms. Guts crouches down on a bloody hellscape of monsters and mayhem, pulled straight out of the world of Berserk! For the multitude of Berserk fans, and especially those who have never bought a Guts statue...this is the one to buy!

Product Specifications:

- Statue Size approx. 37.4 inches tall (H:95cm W:57cm D:52cm)
- Statue Size approx. 29.5 inches tall with the sword down (H:75cm W:57cm D:44cm)
- Berserk-themed hellscape base featuring monsters and many Easter Eggs
- 2 Swappable Heads
- 2 Pairs of Swappable Arms

Limited Edition of 750 pcs worldwide.