KOTOBUKIYA - Gal Gadot Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Statue 1/6 25 cm

Statua in PVC in scala 1/6 (altezza 25cm.) tratta dal film "Wonder Woman 1984" dedicata a Gal Gadot.


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169,00 €

The action entertainment film that caused a major social phenomenon around the world, "Wonder Woman," returns!

Wonder Woman from the film where her legend begins in the comic book world, "Wonder Woman 1984," takes the stage!

Standing at 1/6 scale with a total height of 250mm, Wonder Woman comes to life standing in a dynamic pose as she grips the Lasso of Truth strongly in her hands. Her hair can also be seen fluttering about behind her.

The base of her statue was designed using a diorama motif of a shopping mall that appears in the film.

Wonder Woman can be displayed out of the box with minimal assembly required as per standard with the ARTFX series.