CCS TOYS - Shin Mazinger ZERO vs. Great General of Darkness

Mazinger Zero tratto da Shin Mazinger Zero VS Great General of Darkness entra nella line-up CCS Toys Climax Creatures Series. Azione completa alto 25cm (31.5cm considerando l'enorme Zero Scrander) é realizzato in ABS, PVC e metallo diecast. Viene fornito con base espositiva, parti d'effetto Rocket Punch, Iron Cutter, Zero Scrander e sistema di illuminazione LED per occhi e piastra pettorale.


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299,00 €

CCSTOYS is proudly bringing you this alloy action figure of Mazinger ZERO, a.k.a "The Demon God of Demise", from manga "Shin Mazinger ZERO vs. Great General of Darkness"!

The 10 inch tall action figure prefectly reproduced the muscular form and sinister atmosphere in the original manga. Gimmick design features openable mouth grill, fully-movable fingers and LED lighting-up effect in the eyes and chest heat sinks. With these gimmicks, this figurine can display all the finish moves such as "Koshiryoku Beam", "Breast Fire" and "Iron Cutter" with no difficulty. Behold the ultimate power of Mazinger ZERO and make sure not to miss this amazing product!