BLITZWAY - Elvis Presley Superb Scale Hybrid Statue 1/4 Elvis Aaron Presley 52 cm

Blitzway rende omaggio al Re del Rock, Elvis Presley, con questa stupenda statua in scala 1/4. Elvis in posa dinamica ha grandi dettagli, dall'espressione del volto al taglio del vestito e ai vari accessori "golden age" che rendono la figura ancor più realistica. Arriva su base diorama con particolari effetti luminosi.

Maggiori dettagli

599,00 €

Blitzway is honored to officially present a quarter-sized statue of Elvis Presley, who lives more than 40 years after his death as an eternal cultural hero as the first rock star in pop history and a giant in pop music history!

In this project, we aimed to express the image of a loved superstar and the symbolic significance he has.

As you can see, the deep look in his eyes, sexy smiles, and dynamic yet relaxed poses that captivate countless fans are very similar to the image of Elvis we remember.Also, the colorful and gorgeous "Aloha; American Eagle" jumpsuit and the flower necklace with fans' love for him give you a sense of how resplendent a rock star he was.

Finally, we've added a design base that expresses the golden age of Elvis to complete the perfect work.

Product specifications:

- Head : PVC
- Body : Polystone
- Shoes & Accessories : PVC, Polystone, Metal, Fabric
- Diorama Base : Polystone, ABS, LED, Electrical components
- Costume : Fabric
- Package : Color EPP + Color Box