QUEEN STUDIOS - DC Comics Bust 1/1 Wonder Woman 69 cm

Cinemaquette is proud to present in conjunction with Queen Studios, the Wonder Woman 1:1 Lifesize Bust.

Wonder Woman is one of the worlds most iconic superheroes. Since her debut in DC Comics back in 1941, Diana of Themyscira (Diana Prince) has been a regular feature in popular culture. From comic books to animations, video games and live-action, many of us have grown up with this incredible character in some way or another.

The Artists at Queen Studios have worked incredibly hard on the sculpt to make the bust look like as close to Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) as possible. The sculpting team has paid close attention to each angle so she looks like the real character no matter which way you look.

Besides the facial features, every effort has been made to add richer fuller colors to the suit. The Bracelets of Submission have undergone special treatment to make them look metallic and the base includes incredible detailing all round to complete the piece.


- Wonder Woman lifesize bust by Queen Studios
- Designed by Oliver Liu
- Silicone skin
- High-quality artificial hair implant
- Glass eyes
- Resin base and body armour
- Size: 56 x 46 x 69 cm

Limited to 500 editions.


4 799,00 €