QUEEN STUDIOS - The Dark Knight Statue 1/3 Heath Ledger Joker 52 cm

The Queen Studios Heath Ledger Joker 1:3 statue is based on the infamous jail scene. In this scene, the Joker is caught by Commissioner Gordon. Despite being captured, the Joker looks a little too calm. As he sits in his cell, he begins to smirk. This is all part of his plan, and the games are only getting started.

For the Heath Ledger head sculpt, we've paid close attention to his makeup and his receding hairline. In the movie, his makeup looks loosely applied and is faded around the forehead, while his hair is messy and oily. Although we're as close as we can get with the likeness, we know there's more work to do with the hair on both versions.
The Joker has a unique style. He wears a custom-made outfit comprising a hexagon patterned shirt, purple pinstriped pants, and a green vest and tie. Like the Joker, the mixed media clothing is all custom made, and we've paid close attention to detail, even making his shoes look worn and scuffed.
- Sculpted resin hair, Resin, Mixed Media Clothing
- Size: 42 x 50 x 52 cm


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