BIG CHIEF STUDIO - Doctor Who: Definitive Series - Fourth Doctor 1:6 Scale Figure

Da Big Chief Studios, l'ultima versione del Dr Who in edizione limitata. La figura di Tom Baker rinnovata nel look e nei costumi, misura 30cm, con svariati accessori, outfit e due teste con differenti espressioni del volto. Disponibile in edizione limitata a 500 pezzi.


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289,00 €

Limited Edition of 500 Worldwide

Ever curious while exploring time and space, the Fourth Doctor, along with his travelling companions Romana and K9, accidentally passed into the smaller universe of E-Space. During his travels they are joined by teenaged mathematical genius Adric. Whilst Romana and K9 stayed behind in E-Space, the Doctor and Adric departed for N-Space. Here they encountered a Trakenite named Nyssa and a human named Tegan. The foursome successfully managed to prevent the destruction of the universe by the Master, but at a terrible cost.

The Fourth Doctor Definitive Series Limited Edition Sixth Scale Character Replica Figure represents the definitive version of the Time Lord and features all new sculpted portraits and a multi-layered beautifully tailored costume. With special features affording collectors a greater range of posing options, fans can create the ultimate display. The figure is available in a worldwide Limited Edition of only 500 pieces.

1 x Standard Portrait with position-able eyes featuring an Authentic Likeness of Tom Baker.
1 x Smiling Portrait with position-able eyes featuring an Authentic Likeness of Tom Baker.
1 x Anatomix Standard Male Body with Newly Developed Finely Detailed Upper Torso with Neck.
1 x Hairpiece.
1 x Hat Hairpiece.
10 x Interchangeable Hands.
1 x Calf-length Cavalry Overcoat.
1 x Waistcoat.
1 x Open-necked Shirt.
1 x Pair of Breeches with Braces.
1 x Pair of Brogues Shoes with Socks.
1 x Pair of Buccaneer Boots.
1 x Fedora Hat.
1 x Long Striped Scarf.
1 x Sonic Screwdriver (standard).
1 x Sonic Screwdriver (extended).
1 x TARDIS Key.
1 x Bag of Jelly Baby Sweets.
1 x Telescope.
1 x Display Base and Stand with Illuminating Light-up Feature.
1 x Reversible Printed Floor Graphic: Control Room.
1 x Reversible TARDIS Backdrop Display: Control Room.