PRIME 1 - ALIENS Queen Alien Wall Art 3d

Da Prime 1 Studio una straordinaria scultura 3D da muro dedicata a Queen Alien dal film Aliens. Queen Alien Wall Art, è in resina e misura 57x32.8x17.7cm.    
Attenzione: per dimensioni e peso, si suggerisce di non appendere questa scultura su muri di cartongesso.

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Each one of these things comes from an egg, right? So who's laying these eggs?'
'I'm not sure. It must be something we haven't seen yet.'
-Ripley and Bishop, theorizing about the First Acheron Queen's existence (from Aliens).

Prime 1 Studio is proud to announce the next piece of our Wall Art Alien line - 04: Queen Alien Wall Art from the second installment of the Alien franchise - Aliens.

This 3D Wall Art sculpture, from the second installment in the Alien franchise directed by James Cameron, is mainly based on the movie itself. A new way to display your Alien 3D Wall Art in your Alien franchises collection. You won't regret adding this must-have distinguished Queen Alien Wall Art 3D Wall Art to your Alien collectibles.

Read carefully before ordering.
We are planning to provide holes and brackets for the display hook on the back of the product.
Please prepare a hook or a wire with a load carrying capacity of 6.8 kg to display.
The walls may require some changes to display this piece, we suggest you to carefully check your home environment before ordering. Please note that attaching it to a gypsum board may cause damage to the wall. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage to the wall due to the display.

Specifications: Wall Art size approximately 22.5 inches tall [H:57cm W:32.8cm D:17.7cm].
Wall Art weight approximately 15lbs (6.8kg).

Notice: Strong and flat wall surfaces are recommended to be able to sustain the weight of the 3D Wall Art.