THREEZERO - Fallout FigZero Action Figure 1/6 T-60 Power Armor 37 cm Vedi a schermo intero

THREEZERO - Fallout FigZero Action Figure 1/6 T-60 Power Armor 37 cm

Arriva da Threezero  ancora una nuova bellissima figura da 35 punti di snodo e 30cm di altezza, con super armatura, direttamente dal mondo di Fallout!.
La figura arriva con elmetto dotato di luci LED. Anche questa figura e la sua armatura sono compatibili con tutte le altre uscite di Threezero per Fallout viste nei vari anni.


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569,00 €

From the highly-acclaimed Fallout video game franchise, threezero is releasing a reissue of the T-60 Power Armor! One of the most advanced models of power armor, the T-60 is one of the most widely-used in the game, presented here with an articulated endoskeleton body, detailed T-60 outer-armor plating, and assault rifle.
The 1/6 T-60 Power Armor showcases a burnt iron color scheme. Along with threezero's exquisite weathering paint technique, the figure captures the armor's post-apocalyptic aesthetic.
The 1/6 T-60 Power Armor is built upon an endoskeleton frame with over 35 points of articulation and magnetic connection points, allowing for freely interchangeable armor pieces that are compatible with all other threezero Fallout 1/6 Power Armor figures. The helmet features an LED light-up function, and accessories include a detailed male head sculpt that can be swapped with the armor helmet as well as an assault rifle with two exchangeable magazines and a removable scope.


- 1/6th scale, approximately 14.5 inches (36.8 cm) tall
- Fully-posable endoskeleton body with over 35 points of articulation
- Incredibly-detailed mechanical parts
- Full set of T-60 Power Armor plating
- Multi-layered paint application and weathering effects
- T-60 Helmet features light-up LED function*
- All outer-armor pieces are detachable and interchangeable with all previous and future 1/6 Fallout Power Armor endoskeletons


-1x interchangeable male head sculpt
-1x assault rifle with removable scope
-2x exchangeable magazines