PRIME 1 - The Last of Us Part II Ultimate Premium Masterline Series Statue 1/4 Abby "The Confrontation" Bonus Version 58 cm

Sono pochi i giochi che ti entrano nella pelle e ti restano dentro anche dopo aver posato il controller. The Last of Us Part II è uno di questi.
Gli straordinari artisti di Prime 1 Studio hanno realizzato questa splendida serie di statue, che si concentrano sulla riproposizione dell'azione e dell'emozionante suspense di questo memorabile racconto di sopravvivenza. Hanno fatto del loro meglio per rendere queste statue incredibilmente realistiche, studiando le risorse del gioco. Hanno svolto un lavoro impeccabile per riuscire a dare la migliore interpretazione di questa protagonista risoluta e determinata. I dettagli dei capelli, l'espressione del volto, la qualità della pelle segnata, i legamenti tesi delle braccia. Il tutto dipinto in modo da simulare la pelle vera, gli abiti e i materiali del mondo reale.
Alta poco meno di 23 pollici, Abby è più che pronta a colpire qualsiasi aggressore in arrivo armato di martello. È anche possibile sostituire il suo braccio destro con uno che impugna una pistola. La statua si trova in cima a un piedistallo ad arco e calpesta un filo elettrico giallo che alimenta la lampada di servizio illuminata a LED posta dietro di lei su una colonna.

Quando si preordina questa versione bonus presso qualsiasi distributore autorizzato, viene fornito un terzo braccio destro intercambiabile che consente di espandere ulteriormente la narrazione: Abby impugna una molotov, un'arma iconica della serie!


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"You killed my friends... We let you both live, and you wasted it!"

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present you the much-awaited next entry to our Ultimate Premium Masterline, from the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic action-survival game The Last of Us Part II, here is the 1:4 Scale UPMTLOU-01: Abby "The Confrontation".

Few games get under your skin and leave you thinking about them long after you've put down the controller. The Last of Us Part II is one such game. Critically acclaimed for its gameplay, characterizations, performances, and visual fidelity, The Last of Us Part II combines a memorable survival horror narrative with pulse-pounding action.

The thrilling post-apocalyptic sequel picks up years after the first game and brings a different kind of gameplay, featuring two protagonists in a life-and-death struggle, not only against the cannibalistic infected and antagonistic human enemies but ultimately with each other.

Ellie returns from the first chapter out for revenge against the Seraphites and on a more than capable, Abby Anderson. Abby, a skilled survivor, and strong soldier seem to be an antagonist to Ellie at first, however as the game progresses, we come to learn that Abby has her own back story and motivations, she becomes a much more complex and sympathetic character. Her story intertwines with Ellie's; both characters are driven by a desire for revenge and redemption.

The amazing artists at Prime 1 Studio bring you this stunning set of statues, focused on recreating the tense action and thrilling suspense from this memorable survival narrative. They have done their best to make this statue unbelievably lifelike by studying the game assets. They did their most impeccable work to be able to bring out the best interpretation of this steely, determined protagonist. The fine detail of her hair... the cautious but aggressive expression on her face... the scarred quality of her skin... the tense ligaments of her arms. All painted to simulate real skin, and real-world clothing and materials.

Just shy of 23 inches tall, Abby is more than ready to bludgeon any incoming attacker armed with a hammer. You can also swap out her right arm for one that holds a handgun instead. Her intense gaze shows concentration, carefully on the lookout for any signs of movement from her opponent. Her muscular blood-pumped arms, trickled with sweat show years of dedication and training. She stands atop an arched pedestal, stepping on a yellow electrical wire that powers the LED-lit utility lamp behind her on a column.

When you pre-order this Bonus Version from our official online store or any authorized distributor it comes with a third swappable right arm that will allow you to expand your storytelling even further, Abby holds a Molotov Cocktail, an iconic weapon of the series!

The intensity of the scene can be brought to another level by pairing this statue's other half, the upcoming UPMTLOU-02 Ellie "The Theater".

Whether or not you can get The Last of Us Part II out of your mind, you need to Pre-Order this amazing UPMTLOU-01S: Abby "The Confrontation" Bonus Version now and eternalize these memorable characters.


- Statue size approximately 23 inches tall [H:58cm, W:42cm, D:21cm]
- The Last of Us Part II-themed base
- Two (2) Swappable right arms (holding Handgun & Hammer)
- LED illumination on Powered Utility Lamp
- One (1) Swappable Bonus right arm holding Molotov Cocktail [BONUS PART]