IRON STUDIOS - Marvel Comics Art Scale Statue 1/10 Spider-Man (1967 Animated TV Series) 21 cm

Dalla serie animata di Spider-Man degli anni '60 prende vita questa scena diventata iconica. 
La statua alta 21cm, cattura alla perfezione la famosa scena di Spider-man che punta col dito verso un impostore, tratta dal cartone animato!

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Raising his right arm, the friendly neighborhood arachnid superhero points to an identical figure, that repeats the same gesture, in a fun and confusing scene from his first animated series, that became one of the most popular memes on the internet. Inspired by this iconic meme, derivative from the episode "Double Identity", the 19th episode of the hero's classic animation from the '60s where a villain tries to impersonate the hero, Iron Studios present the statue "Spider-Man '60s Animated Series - Spider-Man - Art Scale 1/10", faithful down to the smallest details, even in the absence of some, to the visual of the beloved wall climber's original cartoon, with the hero over a pedestal next to a wooden crate, referring to the background scenery of this unusual moment in the animation.

Produced by Grantray-Lawrence Animation in 1967, the Spider-Man animated series was the first adaptation of Marvel's superhero that was already a success in comic books. To keep it a low-budget production, the hero's design was presented with the webs from his suit only on his face, hands, and feet, and most of the animation was reused. Such economy generated some funny mistakes, like the spiders on Peter Parker's suit having only six legs, an error corrected in season two. But, maybe even more famous than the series itself, was the theme song, written by Oscar winner Paul Francis Webster and composed by Bob Harris, its melody and lyrics are referenced to this day in comic books, games, series, and movies of the hero.

Size: 21 x 14 x 15 cm