STAR ACE - Universal Monsters: Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula Deluxe Version 1:4 Scale Statue

Da Star Ace arriva questa notevole statua in resina (con vestiti in stoffa), scala 1/4, dedicata al mitico Bela Lugosi nelle vesti dell'iconico vampiro. Oltre alla cura dei dettagli e all'abito di arta sartoria, questa versione deluxe presenta una base diorama con effetto ligh-up a luci Led nonchè include una replica indossabile del famigerato anello di Dracula.


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765,00 €

Monsters rule the night! Bela Lugosi as Dracula is Star Ace’s new superb 1/4 scale statue with a real fabric costume and a diorama base.

Bela Lugosi created the iconic image of Dracula that has inspired fear and delight in horror fans for almost a century. This superb scale figure stands 48 cm tall and features Lugosi in a real fabric replica of his classic tuxedo with a red-lined cape fastened around his neck. His arms are outstretched with his hands ready to attack or beguile his unsuspecting victim. The elaborate diorama display has a gravestone and mysterious dead tree with the character’s name in relief around the bottom of the base.

The deluxe version of this 1:4 scale statue features a light-up function and an added bonus. The eyes look normal until illuminated blood red, simulating the blood-lust Dracula feels as he stalks a victim. The tree on the diorama base shines with the supernatural light coming up through the cracks in its trunk. The base also features a removeable and wearable ring featuring a detailed Dracula crest.