KOTOBUKIYA - DC Comics: Batman Hush ARTFX+ 1:10 Scale PVC Statue

Uscita per la prima volta in un 2-pack con Robin, questa statua ARTFX di Batman arriva ora da sola, con nuovi dettagli di colorazione e nuovo packaging. Ispirata alla serie a fumetti Batman Hush, la statua è scolpita oin scala 1/10 e raffigura Batman in piedi su una base con logo.


Maggiori dettagli

79,00 €

From the creator of the famous Batman mysteries Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory Jeph Loeb, with art by the famed penciler Jim Lee, Kotobukiya presents an ARTFX+ statue from Batman: Hush! Batman appears in his blue costume from story, his muscular silhouette poised and ready for battle that fully encapsulates Gotham City's Dark Knight! Batman stands firmly upon a metal base printed with a bat logo thanks to the magnets embedded in the figure's feet.

This product is a single-pack re-release of the 'ARTFX+ Batman & Robin Two Pack' from February 2017. This new single pack features updated packaging and a new color scheme from the original product.

This statue is the first in a series of commemorative items for Batman's 80th anniversary in 2019!