NECA - Alien Serie 11 set di 3 Vedi a schermo intero

NECA - Alien Serie 11 set di 3

From NECA, via the deepest, darkest reaches of space, comes Series 11 of the bestselling Aliens action figure range - this line-up featuring three action figure debuts!

Explore outer space with Lambert, navigator of the USCSS Nostromo - this 7” figure, the first with the authorised likeness of actor Veronica Cartwright, comes with two heads, a removable helmet and a flashlight.

Beware the xenomorph from Alien: Defiance, the Dark Horse comic-book series - it’s 9” tall with a bendable tail (all the better to stab you with) and has 30 separate points of articulation.

Also standing at 9” with bendable tail and 30 points of articulation is the Warrior Alien, fashioned in translucent blue plastic in a tribute to the classic figure from Kenner. 


84,90 €