IRON STUDIOS - DC Comics BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Superman vs Doomsday heo EU Exclusive 30 cm

Iron Studios ripropone l'epico combattimento di Superman contro Doomsday in una nuova statua!

In un insieme di completo caos e distruzione nelle strade di Metropolis, tra arroganza di cemento e tondini d'armatura, tra travi metalliche contorte con le lettere del logo del resto del globo del quotidiano Daily Planet, due titani del pianeta Krypton combattono in un combattimento mortale . Da un lato, il supereroe dei supereroi, protettore e difensore della Terra, indossa il suo inconfondibile costume classico blu e rosso, sfoggiando con orgoglio sul petto lo stemma della sua famiglia biologica, uno scudo a forma di diamante simbolo di giustizia e speranza. Dall'altro, un mostro brutale fuori controllo, creazione della mente folle e irresponsabile di un genetista, nato da un esperimento disumano, potenziato con dolore e violenza per essere uno strumento di pura distruzione. Ispirandosi a una delle storie più emblematiche dell'Uomo d'Acciaio nei fumetti, Iron Studios presentano con orgoglio la statua "Superman vs Doomsday - DC Comics Iron Studios Exclusive 10 Years - Art Scale 1/10", una delle versioni esclusive che celebrano i 10 anni di Iron Studios, che ritraggono alcune delle statue Legacy Replica 1/4, Battle Diorama 1/6 e Prime Scale 1/3 più apprezzate e pluripremiate
nel formato Art Scale 1/10.

Prodotta ispirandosi all'arte e al concept sviluppato da Ivan Reis, l'illustratore ufficiale DC Comics di Chiaroscuro Studios, questa è una delle statue più apprezzate mai realizzate da Iron Studios, originariamente prodotta in edizione limitata nella linea Battle Diorama 1/6 in 2016, ora fan e collezionisti riceveranno questa versione nella linea Art Scale 1/10 con solo 750 statue numerate in tutto il mondo. Dai un'occhiata anche alla statua esclusiva "Wolverine vs Juggernault - Marvel Comics Iron Studios Exclusive 10 Years - Art Scale 1/10" e dai un'occhiata alle altre versioni future che celebrano presto i 10 anni di Iron Studios!


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Iron Studios bring again the epic fight of Superman vs. Doomsday in a new statue!

In a set of complete chaos and destruction in the streets of Metropolis, amidst concrete hubris and rebars, among twisted metal girder with the letters of the rest of the globe logo of the Daily Planet newspaper, two titans from planet Krypton fight in a deadly combat. On one side, the superhero of the superheroes, Earth's protector and defender, wearing his unmistakable blue and red classic costume, showing off with pride the coat of arms of his biological family on his chest, a shield in the shape of a diamond symbol of justice and hope. On the other side, an out-of-control brutal monster, a creation from the insane and irresponsible mind of a geneticist, born from an inhuman experiment, enhanced with pain and violence to be an instrument of pure destruction. Inspired by one of the most emblematic stories of the Man of Steel in the comic books, Iron Studios proudly present the statue "Superman vs Doomsday - DC Comics Iron Studios Exclusive 10 Years - Art Scale 1/10", one of the exclusive releases celebrating the 10 years of Iron Studios, that portray some of the most praised and award-winning Legacy Replica 1/4, Battle Diorama 1/6, and Prime Scale 1/3 statues
in the Art Scale 1/10 format.

Originally published from December of 1992 to October of 1993, much more than a comic book cross-over, The Death of Superman became a milestone in the character's story, with facts and changes that reverberate to this very day. Divided among three story arcs, the first tells the story of Superman's fight against the monster that ends in his apparent death. The story was adapted to many formats of media, including books, a videogame, two adaptations in animated feature films (2007 and 2018), besides inspiring the script of TV shows such as Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Smallville and the movies Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Created in 1938 by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, and considered by many as the first superhero, Superman is Kal-El, the last son from planet Krypton. Sent to Earth as a baby, he was found by a couple of farmers that raised him, and as an adult, he took on the identity of the reporter Clark Kent. Thanks to the radiation on Earth's solar system, he developed incredible superpowers, and became the world's greatest hero. Doomsday was artificially created in a distant past in Krypton, by a geneticist called Bertron. Wishing to create the definitive life form, he and his team sent a baby to the planet's surface, where he was instantly killed by the hostile environment and cruel predators. After that, every single time, the remains were collected and used again in a cloning method to accelerate his evolution. After decades forced
to endure agony thousands of times; his uncontrollable deaths were recorded in his genes and led him to hate all the life. Doomsday got the ability to evolve without the help of Bertron's technology and started to hunt and kill all the lethal creatures that inhabited Krypton. When he saw Bertron, Doomsday considered him and his team to be a threat due to their roles in many deaths, and attacked the ship they were working on, and everyone died in the hands of their creation.

Produced inspired by the art and concept developed by Ivan Reis, the official DC Comics illustrator from Chiaroscuro Studios, this is one of the most praised statues ever made by Iron Studios, originally manufactured in a limited edition in the Battle Diorama 1/6 line in 2016, now fans and collectors will get this version in the Art Scale 1/10 line with only 750 numbered statues worldwide. Check out the also exclusive statue "Wolverine vs Juggernault - Marvel Comics Iron Studios Exclusive 10 Years - Art Scale 1/10" and check out other future releases celebrating the 10 years of Iron Studios soon!