BEAST KINGDOM - Lilo & Stitch Hula Stitch Master Craft Statua

Continua la prestigiosa collezione Master Craft che Beast Kingdom dedica al magico mondo Disney, con questa bellissima statua di Hula Stitch dal classico Lilo & Stitch. Dipinta a mano con colori e dettagli incredibili, la statua appoggia su base circolare che include una placca con nome, ed è individualmente numerata. Unico e imperdibile pezzo da collezione!


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299,00 €

The release of the 2002 Disney animated classic Lilo & Stitch, introduced viewers to the zany, yet infinitely adorable Alien Experiment No. 626, also known as Stitch! The naughty little Alien is befriended in the movie by the Hula spinning Hawaiian girl Lilo. Bringing a sense of family bonding and friendship, Lilo And Stitch is a touching story that captured the hearts of fans the world over!

The Entertainment Experience Brand, Beast Kingdom, is proud to present a new addition to the high-end collectible statue range, The MC-031 Lilo & Stitch Master Craft Hula Stitch. Using the very best in hand-made manufacturing and painting techniques, Stitch is brought to life as the Hawaiian themed Alien, with a real love for Hula dancing. Adorned with flowers on his head and around his waist, Stich is as authentic a Hula dancer as they come!

Each statue is carefully hand-painted, creating a highly detailed build. Stitch's big round eyes, and signature laugh come to life in a way only Master Craft creations can. With a wooden grained base, including an exclusive name tag, and individually numbered, this piece is sure to be a collector's dream! So take make sure to take home your very own Master Craft Stitch and bring a little Hawaiians sun to your mantel piece today!