GOODSMILE - Robocop ED-209 Moderoid Model Kit

Fantastico model kit per la serie Moderoid di Good Smile, dedicato a Ed-209 da Robocop! Da non perdere!
Necessita di assemblaggio.

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129,00 €

"Please put down your weapon. You have twenty seconds to comply."

From the movie "ROBOCOP" comes a MODEROID plastic model of ED-209, the peacekeeping machine created by Omni Consumer Products. The model stands at around 20cm tall when completed. Its joints, pistons and slide rails are all articulated, allowing you recreated intimidating poses and comical poses alike.

The model kit is made of PS and ABS plastic with POM and PE used for some joints and features runners separated into four colors (light gray, silver, medium gray, dark gray). Wires have been used to recreate the cables connecting to its arms. Water-slide decals are included for further detailing. Preassembled joints are included, making the model easy to pose. Be sure to add it to your collection along with HAGANE WORKS ROBOCOP (GSC12214 - sold separately)!