TRICK OR TREAT - Saw: Billy Puppet Mini Bust Vedi a schermo intero

TRICK OR TREAT - Saw: Billy Puppet Mini Bust

Busto in resina da 16 cm. dedicato a Billy il pupazzo di Saw l'Enigmista!


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24,90 €

Trick or Treat Studios and Lionsgate are proud to present the officially licensed SAW Billy Puppet Mini Bust.

Sculpted by Alex Rey, every detail of the Billy Puppet is represented in this highly detailed bust.

This amazing bust is made in resin and is meticulously painted to perfection. In addition, the bust is attached to a bust stand so that you can display it in your home, office or anywhere your monstrous heart desires. And to top it all off, all our Mini Bust come in a beautiful Collectors Window Box.


400 gram


Package Dimensions:

8cm x 12cm x 16cm   (LxWxH )