SIDESHOW - Spiderman Symbiote costume Premium Format 1/4 Vedi a schermo intero

SIDESHOW - Spiderman Symbiote costume Premium Format 1/4

Ecco una nuova spettacolare statua Premium Format di Sideshow dedicata a Spider-Man in versione Symbiote! I dettagli di scultura e pittura sono ottimi. Sigillato, mai aperto.


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590,00 €

Joining Sideshow Collectibles' Marvel Premium Format™ Figure collection is the Amazing Spider-Man in his Symbiote Costume.

When Peter Parker’s classic red and blue costume is damaged, he unknowingly uses a Symbiote creature to reconstruct it, causing the alien form to morph with his body. As a living, thinking entity, the Symbiote bonds with Spider-Man, increasing his powers to create the high-flying, butt-kicking superhero seen in this fantastic gravity-defying sculpted figure. The Symbiote clings to every muscle of the web-slinging hero in his jet-black suit, physically displaying the intense connection between alien and human as he leaps into action, careening over a falling beam, just inches from the deadly explosion below!

The perfect representation of a harrowing and exciting chapter in the Spider-Man legacy, this meticulously sculpted statue is certain to make your Spidey-Senses tingle!