POP CULTURE - DC Comics: Batman Modern Age 1:7 Scale Wall Statue

Questo statua in polystone combina la maestria artigianale degli scultori della Pop Culture Shock con un funzionale LED che illumina il bat segnale, base di questa statua che è possibile appendere al muro. Limitata a 1500 pezzi al mondo.


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200,00 €

249,00 €

-49,00 €

This polystone collectible combine the expert craftsmanship of Pop Culture Shock's shelf-based polystone statues with a functional, LED light up display piece that easily mounts to your wall. This is a wall decoration unlike any other! Batman is first in a series sure to cover several of comic-dom's mightiest heroes. Thanks to the well designed & secure wall mount, even the most weak armed basement dweller will be able to affix it to their outdated panel board with ease. limited to 1500 pieces.