BEAST KINGDOM - The Flash Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure 1/9 Batman Modern Suit 24 cm

Beast Kingdom accompagna i fan di "The Flash" in un'emozionante ricostruzione del film con l'uscita dell'action figure di Batman nella linea Dynamic 8ction Heroes. La figura, Dotata di ben 20 punti di snodo, è creata con particolari altamente dettagliate nella texture del costume e nelle fattezze del volto. Immancabile il mantello in stoffa.


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A DC movie of epic proportions is ready to speed onto a screen near you! Are you ready to join Barry, The Flash, as he uses his powers to travel back in time? Will he save those he holds dear or inadvertently change the course of history and the universe at large? A returning General Zod and his minions are ready to cause havoc. Which heroes, including a classic Batman, will stand in the way of destruction?

Beast Kingdom's "Entertainment Experience Brand" takes fans of "The Flash" movie on an exciting recreation of the film with the release of the D.A.H. (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) The Flash "Batman" action figure. Michael Keaton's legendary Batman makes an epic return from a parallel universe that the Flash enters. Wearing a new, yet familiar suit, the DAH action figure includes the black, muscular suit, set against a highly posable 20 points of articulation. The suit also features the classic yellow belt, as well as the highly iconic Batman chest logo. Keaton's head sculpt is also recreated in high detail, and the figure includes 4 interchangeable hand types, allowing for a highly posable figure fit for any fan.

The fate of the world is in the hands of both The Flash and Batman as they join forces to save the
universe, so make sure to also stock up on the DAH-083 The Flash figure to complete the set!
*Pre-order bonus: Pre-order now and receive Batman's gliding cape, truly recreating the thrilling
flying scenes from the movie!

DAH-092 The Flash Batman Modern Suit

- Over 20 points of articulation
- Highly realistic Batman head sculpt
- Highly detailed recreation of Batman's intricate details
- 4 interchangeable hand types (Fist, open palm, gripping object, gripping dart)
- Cape made of real fabric
- Gliding cape (Pre-order exclusive bonus)