TSUME - Leo Aiolia HQS Statua Vedi a schermo intero

TSUME - Leo Aiolia HQS Statua

La statua rappresenta il cavaliere doro mentre è pronto a lanciare il suo micidiale colpo Lightning Bolt che Tsume replica grazie all’uso di un effetto trasparente. Come da tradizione, Tsume ricrea il design originale con grande abilità e il senso di dinamismo è sopra le righe. La base simula il pavimento della casa del leone semi distrutta, con colonne frantumate a terra e a fianco del cavaliere. Decisamente interessante è la presenza di una seconda testa alternativa con cui è possibile attivare gli occhi rossi, illuminati a LED e attivabili grazie a un bottone sul dorso.

Limitata a 1600 pezzi.


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Resin statue of Aiolia - 1600 pieces limited and numbered run, the Gold Saint of Leo, from Saint Seiya - Knights of the Zodiac anime show. (Available first semester 2017)

Includes a LED lightning system.

Aiolia is the Gold Saint of Leo, and also the brother of the Gold Saint of Sagittarius, Aiolos who was considered a traitor for almost 15 years. Aiolia's loyalty to Sanctuary is unmatched and he's the one sent by The Pope to defeat the rebellious Bronze Saint and Saori Kido. But he's also the first one to join her when she's proved to be the reincarnation of the Goddess Athena, whose Saints are supposed to protect.

As fierce as the animal of his constellation, Aiolia is a fearsome warrior and his techniques are deadly and fast as light-speed.

For this statue, we sculpted Aiolia as he's throwing his Lightning Bolt ( ライトニング・ボルト in Japanese) move which blasts his enemy with a tremendous amount of energy. We made a piece of translucent PVC to mimic the effect on his right hand.

To increase realism of the attack, we included a LED lightning system in the arm. The effect is stunning! The posing is very dynamic. The overall is inspired by the duel between Aiolia and Seiya in the Leo Temple. That's why this statue features an extra head. You can choose to display Aiolia whether with his standard head or with the one showing he's under the Pope's magical mind control.

As for the base, it mimics the Leo Temple with floor elements and Greek column... however it's damaged by the ongoing battle.

Leo Aiolia HQS by Tsume is a balanced piece, very dynamic and it's a great addition in your Saint Seiya HQS by Tsume collection!

Sculptor : Muhammet Ay
Painter : Guillaume Hémery & Mickael Gros
Supervisor : Cyril Marchiol
Scale : 1/6.