POP CULTURE - Evil Lyn 1/4 Statua Vedi a schermo intero

POP CULTURE - Evil Lyn 1/4 Statua

Dopo la statua di He-Man - di Beast Man e di Teela ecco a voi la quarta statua Pop Culture tratta dalla serie Masters of the Universe: TrapJaw. Edizione limitata a soli 500 pezzi al mondo - in resina - altezza piu´ di 50cm. Non lasciatevela scappare! 


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"We know who the real evil is in Eternia..."

To call her a henchwoman would be an insult, as Evil Lyn is way more intelligent than even Skeletor himself! Now, this cunning and cold beauty come to life as a 1:4th scale collectible statue.

Sparing no expense in the most futuristic processes modern sculpting has to offer, PCS crafted the magical-weidling warlord to match the menacing air we all saw in the Filmation cartoons. Clocking in at 16.5 inches in height, this statue is in perfect scale to the other MOTU 1:4th collectibles PCS has produced.