McFARLANE - Assassin's Creed IV:Black Flag Lama Celata Prop Replica

Da Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag  ecco la replica funzionante della lama celata. Nella confezione troverete anche una fibbia a forma di teschio come bonus.


Maggiori dettagli

49,90 €

First of all, it is made for role-play. Both the blade and bracer are made of a strong yet flexible plastic. It will fit most, and it won’t break easily. The spring is strong and gives the perfect effect.
The paintjob is really well done, and all the details make the blade an used look, perfect for role-playing and cosplaying. The leather is well imitated.
To wear the blade, you first have to put the bracer, and then the blade, which is fixed with two velcro straps.  You can lock the blade with an ON/OFF switch, and press the skull head to launch the blade.

In the box, you can also find the skull buckle. Here, I put one of the two I got with my outfit, so you can see how it looks. It is a perfect replica too, just like the blades.